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I thought it would be useful to list down the sites that I buy off/have come across that offer international shipping. Enjoy!

Note: no affiliate links here.

I’ll try continually update this page when I find more sites.

They offer Urban Decay, Bareminerals, Too Faced as well as other haircare, skincare and makeup brands.

Free worldwide shipping.

They have Urban Decay, NARS, OPI, Essie and a range of haircare, skincare and other makeup brands.

Free worldwide delivery.

Has heaps of high end brands like BECCA, Benefit, Urban Decay and other haircare, skincare and makeup brands.

Free worldwide delivery.

For all your Sleek, ELF, NYX and Milani needs. There are other things that may interest you so I do suggest to check them out.

Free ground shipping in Australia if you spend $65.

US Prices for a whole host of drugstore items like Wet N Wild, NYX, Milani and many more.

Have to pay for shipping, just choose from the options they have.

They stock drugstore brands like NYX, Milani, Jordana and other brands.

International shipping options start at $6.95 and goes up.

A lot of people I know use this for makeup and skincare and haven’t had any problems with it. They have heaps of high end brands like MAC, Giorgio Armani, Chanel, Dior etc and also stock skincare, makeup and haircare items.

It has one of those things where the more you spend the more you save.

Free international shipping.

They sell eco-friendly makeup items like Real Techniques, Everyday Minerals, Physicians Formula, Bdellium tools and also sell nutrition supplements and skincare items.
International shipping starts at $4.
Quick tip: you can use the code VIP659 to get $5 off orders under $40 or $10 orders $40 and above.
(Note: if you use this code I’ll get some credits in my account, but feel free not to if it makes you feel uncomfortable.)

I love buying their brushes! So soft and supple and they don’t lose their shape after cleaning. If I had to start again I’d buy Hakuhodo and Real Techniques.

You do have to pay for international shipping and I don’t remember how much I paid last time but it might be according to weight.

This is the international distributor of Chikuhodo products. It was known as now e-project prior to new management taking over. Shipping to Australia takes up to two weeks from date or purchase and everything comes wrapped neatly and efficiently in a cardboard box.

If you are unable to purchase Suqqu, definitely go with its manufacturer, Chukuhodo! Brushes are just as soft, cheaper and more easily obtained.

Right now international shipping is a flat $20 and is shipped directly from Japan.

Parcel Forwarding Companies.

I’ve only used 1 and so far they have been amazing at getting everything I want.

What this company does is they buy it for you and ship it out here.

The steps are usually:

  1. Place your order through the online Order Form with URL to each item from one website with product name, description what size/colour , price and quantity. You need to choose a shipping option, or estimate one. 
  2. You will get a quote within 12 hours and are provided with shipping price as well as a deposit amount. If you want to go ahead with the order you have to put in the deposit to an Australian Bank Account, if not then you don’t have to do anything.
  3. Once your deposit has been received you will be notified by email.
  4. The person in the USA handling your order will introduce them self to you by email. Any problems with your order will be communicated via email.
  5. Once the order has been shipped to them you will get an email notification, much like when it arrives at their address.
  6. Once the order arrives at their place you will be notified.
  7. Once they know how much shipping is you will get another email with the balance that is due to be paid. Once this has been paid they will notify you if you payment has been received.
  8. You will be notified once your order is on its way to you.

Clearly these are simplified steps and the steps I’ve experienced so I would suggest reading every aspect of their website because it is informative and useful to know before you take the plunge and order with them.

I highly recommend them. I’ve placed 4 orders with them and could not be happier. They notify you every step of the way and are always happy to respond to questions.  I guess the only downfall is waiting. But for the sake of saving money I don’t mind.


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  1. Hi Michelle

    Thanks for taking the time to explain how my Price USA service works. I always love hearing from happy customers 🙂

    If anyone has any questions about Price USA I am always happy to answer them by email or you can post a question on my forum.



  2. thanks for the review

  3. Thank you Dear Michelle. It’s really helpful. I’m living in Dubai, where the same cosmetic are not only much much more expensive, but also available in very limited shade. Finally I can enjoy shopping little more 🙂

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