Hello everyone!

I’m Michelle and welcome to my blog!

I’m a twenty-something year old Sydney girl that adores makeup and writing, if you couldn’t already tell. My kryptonite is eyeshadow and lipstick and to a lesser degree, blush. I must always wear mascara lest I look like a hairless girl with tiny eyes and some form of lip product as I was unfortunate enough to see someone’s crackly lips bleed from Sahara-like dryness.

I’ve been blogging since the days of MySpace (i.e. 2005) and jumped between different platforms until finally sticking with this one, which I started in 2012. Hello Micha is all about makeup, for what else could I possibly write about? I mean, there are a few other things I could write about, like the frustrations involved in the creation of my first novel, which I’m almost done editing for the umpteenth time, or music, or food. Perhaps I will include some posts here and there about things other than makeup, but, for now, reviews and hauls are what I share and more infrequently, beauty news and ‘tutorials’ (I use that word loosely).

My brief skin profile: oily, oily, oily! Think golden goddess, bronze beauty, tanned temptress? I have medium skin with strong yellow undertones, which is acne-prone, and in the spring/summer will develop dermatitis, severity dependent on intensity of heat. My winter shade is NC35/37 and in summer can get up to NC42, if MAC shade numbering is your thang. Primer is my best friend as well as blotting paper.

I’m kind of awkward at introductions so if you have questions or want to get to know me better holler at me at hellomichablog[at]gmail[dot]com

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