Pure Smile Teeth Whitening Review

Hi everyone!

Pure Smile reached out to me a few weeks ago asking if I was interested in a teeth whitening session. Seeing as though I’ve wanted it get my teeth whitened for a number of years, I jumped at the opportunity.

When I arrived I sat in an egg-shaped pod sectioned off with the banner you can see below, so passers by wouldn’t be shocked at what was about to be put on my face. My teeth were then assessed to determine the initial shade.

The solution they used on my teeth didn’t contain any bleach or peroxide, which I was happy to hear about. I was told that teeth don’t whiten to the same level since some are more yellow than others. In my case, my bottom teeth were yellower than the top.


They first gave me an activation spray on a blue hexagonal sponge to spread all over my teeth, which makes you produce a lot of saliva. This pre-treatment is supposed to help with the activation of the whitening treatment.

After this  they put in a mouth tray with the solution and change it every fifteen minutes. During this time you produce an even more amount of saliva that you need to spit out. Thankfully, they provide you with cups and water ready for rinsing.

While the mouth tray is in they position an LED light to your teeth to help with the lightening process. The red glasses they give you makes it hard to read anything, including your phone, so it’s best to have earphones so you can listen to music.

The whole process took about an hour.


There was no pain whatsoever when I had my teeth lightened. I did get sleepy from sitting in the dark pod for an hour, but that was because I didn’t sleep much the night before. I think taking a nap might also be a good option to help pass the time.

After the entire process, my teeth were a bit patchy, but much lighter.

It’s been about three weeks since I got my teeth whitened and they are more uniform in colour and definitely not patchy. I was lucky enough to be gifted a teeth whitening & cleansing foam, teeth whitening pen, and an enamel booster. The foam is amazing since it’s helped make my teeth even whiter in conjunction with the whitening pen, which is quick and easy to use at home if you don’t have  the time to get them done professionally.
20150925_114145See the slightly weird contraption on my face? My sister said I looked like I was getting my screams sucked out like in Monster’s Inc. Please don’t mind the double chin, I was extremely relaxed and sunken into the chair by the time I whipped my phone out to take a photo.

Overall I’m glad I got my teeth whitened at Pure Smile. I’m always checking my teeth out in a mirror because it’s nice and bright. It’s not white, which can come across as artificial. It looks natural and is continually getting lighter with the foam and whitening pen.

Pure Smile currently have three packages for teeth whitening: the Professional treatment is $159, the Executive treatment is $179, and the Platinum treatment is $199. They are located in Broadway and Burwood.

Have you guys had your teeth whitened? How did it go? Did you continue to get it whitened?

Let’s chat about it below!



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