Vivo Colour Block Eye Palette – Dreamy Review

Hi everyone!

Today’s review will be on the last Vivo Palette that I bought when Vivo had their free shipping promotion way back when.

I bought it for £3.99 which is roughly AUD$6.30 and quite cheap for a drugstore palette as I haven’t seen any twelve colour palettes sold at this price.



DSC_0282 copy
Starry, Clay, Neutral and Eternity

Starry – a frosty bronze-gold.

Clay – a matte, cool toned taupe with a prominent purple in it, quite powdery and patchy.

Neutral – a shimmery pale peach that looks white on my NC37 skin.

Eternity – a frosty taupe that isn’t very pigmented. You can see in the swatch that it’s quite pale compared to the pan colour.

DSC_0281 copy
Night, Dreamy, Luxe and Dove

Night – a matte black. Chalky, powdery, hard to blend but very pigmented.

Dreamy – a frosty neutral pale brown. A great shimmery skin colour for me.

Luxe – a shimmery warm brown.

Dove – shimmery brown-silver that applies and swatches more silver.

DSC_0280 copy
Stone, Tease, Sand and Twinkle

Stone – a shimmery, pale silver that isn’t very pigmented.

Tease – a shimmery dark purple-brown that isn’t very pigmented.

Sand –  a matte pale yellow-beige. Least pigmented of all, can hardly see swatch after 3 attempts to achieve opacity.

 Twinkle – a frosty, metallic copper with micro-glitter that isn’t chunky and quite smooth. The best out of the bunch in terms of application, blendability and pigmentation.

When I ordered this I didn’t think it was a dupe for Urban Decay’s Naked 2 Palette but it is, sort of. It has less pigmentation and ease of blendability.

I can’t say I’ve reached for this frequently as the pigmentation is quite disappointing. I feel like the black got even more powdery and chalky after I bought it, which is weird since it’s stored in a drawer and away from sunlight. The Unprotected palette was definitely much better than this one.

Wear time was the same as the Unprotected palette — without primer it would crease within a couple of hours. With primer, it lasts about 5 hours before creasing on the inner portion of my eye.

To achieve opacity it’s imperative to wear primer and pack on the colour using a flat brush. Over a white base would be even better especially with the paler colours.

Overall I’d skip this one in favour of the Unprotected palette. If you like the colour scheme of this and have money to spend, opt for the Naked 2 palette that you can buy from Beauty Bay or HQHair.

Have you used this? What are your thoughts about it? 

Let me know in the comments!


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