MAC Flamingo Lipstick Review.

DSC_0579 copy

Hi all!

So many reviews lined up for this week, how exciting!

Today’s review circles around MAC’s Flamingo lipstick from the All About Orange Collection. I bought it from the MAC Australia website for $36 where it arrived after three days! Unfortunately this shade is already sold out on the MAC site but there are other colours still available.


MAC describes Flamingo as a “light milky bright coral” which I believe would be accurate. It has a Lustre finish, one of my favourites from MAC, and has a high level of opacity on the lips which covers the freckle I have on my lips. Like all Lustre finishes, this is moisturising and has a slightly glossy finish.

Application wise it goes on sheer on the first swipe but can be built up to a fuller coverage. Like all Lustre finishes this feels smooth, light and balmy on the lips, not sticky whatsoever but does come off when you eat a burger or something messy.

swatchesI had to include three different swatches because under different lighting conditions it appeared either more pink or more coral. The closest true to colour swatch would be the last one.

The colour is quite pretty however more suitable for spring/summer which is a shame since it’s winter here in Australia.

DSC_0495 copy

On my pigmented lips I see more of a lighter pink with the smallest trace of coral running through. It’s a touch light for my liking but at least it’s a warm leaning pink rather than a cool one, could you imagine me with Barbie pink lips? Yikes!

me wearing flamingoFeeling more comfortable taking photos with glasses. Ha! Also sorry for unnoticeable brows, perhaps I need to apply it heavier? 

I really like the lipstick and would recommend it if you like wearing light pinks with a moisturising finish. I don’t have anything like this colour in my collection so I can’t recommend any dupes, yet. I’ll definitely be on the hunt for them however! 

Did you guys pick up anything from the All About Orange Collection? Which ones and how do you like them?

Let me know in the comments!




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