Birthday Haul: Part 1

DSC_0407 copy

Hi everyone!

It’s my birthday in a couple of days so I celebrated early by having a big ‘ole haul. This is the first one which consisted of drugstore products from the US I was eager to try. I got it today so reviews, proper photos and swatches will be up in the coming weeks.

Enjoy the photos!


DSC_0423 copy

DSC_0421 copy

DSC_0419 copyLook out for Part 2, when it arrives!




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  1. Great birthday haul! Its great to treat yourself sometimes. I’ve heard really good things about the NYX lip creams and Ardell lashes are really good quality and look great on the eye.

    • I’ve been wanting to the lip creams them for a while but never got around to buying them so I thought now’s my chance to try them out! It has a really sweet smell to them that overwhelmed me when I opened it, hopefully the smell fades.

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