MAC Heaux Lipstick Review

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Hi everyone!

While the Riri Hearts MAC Summer collection is still available, I wanted to put up a quick review and initial impressions post with swatches so you could judge whether or not you want/need/lust over this.

It’s still available on the MAC Australia website along with RiRi Woo and RiRi Boy which all retail for $36. None of them have sold out yet so if you’re planning getting them, it’s wise to be quick!

mac heaux

Like its siblings, this has a Retro Matte finish and is housed in the iconic MAC bullet with Rihanna’s ‘signature’ on the product. I was kind of expecting limited edition packaging, but, never mind, I’m not fussed about it.

DSC_0528 copy

I was floating through some forums the other week where people were anticipating a matte version of Rebel with the release of Heaux but it isn’t the case. It’s a matte berry shade that is probably more red with a tinge of berry strewn in.

lip swatch

On my pigmented lips, the bold colour is dulled and muted to a slight raspberry red. The picture is a bit lighter than what it looks like in real life but it’s quite pretty on me. I think it’s probably more appropriate for autumn/winter rather than summer. If you dab it on to act like a stain I suppose it’d be more summer-appropriate. 

Upon initial application it is quite creamy, so long as you have a nice balm/primer on your lips and went on opaquely in one swipe. It’s quite comfortable on the lips and doesn’t feel heavy and obvious. You kind of forget that you have it on until you do something to smear the colour all over your hands. I hate that. 

However after wearing it for a few hours it began to suck the moisture out of my lips like a vampire that hasn’t eaten in weeks. It was ridiculous. You couldn’t rub your lips together without feeling friction. So keep a red/berry/clear balm on standby to fix this problem. As a result this is actually quite long-wearing. After eating too many slices of chocolate Bavarian cheesecake with chocolate sauce on top *drools* it was still perfect, save for the few crumbs I had on my lips.

selfiePlease excuse my lack of brows I forgot to put brow gel which means the powder faded throughout the course of the day. Also, I coloured my hair to get rid of my faded balayage. Yay!

Finally, a photo of yours truly. I think it was about time to get over my insecurities and post myself wearing it so you can see it properly. 

When I was debating on buying this I thought that I might have something similar to it in my collection so as soon as it arrived and I took pretty pictures, I swatched it next to the Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish Matte 107 lipstick which is also a berry-based shade.  I also swatched Rebel just because.

DSC_0555 copy

To be honest the Rimmel Kate lipstick is a glossier version of Heaux and just the slightest bit darker with like 1% less pink/berry. 

rimmel vs mac

The Rimmel Kate lipstick is *supposed* to be matte, which, obviously, it isn’t. After a few hours it kind of settles down and turns to more of a satin finish but it’s still glossy and is no where near matte. 

It has a very peculiar scent. Some may like it but others, like me, may not. It doesn’t fade for an hour or so which means it lingers and, because my lips are located under my nose, I have to inhale it second after second. I’m sensitive to smells because I’m a picky princess, just kidding, but I can get a headache from inhaling too much of a strong smell. Paint, liquid paper, Sharpies, the list is endless. 

To it’s credit, the Rimmel Kate lipstick is actually nice and slippery on the lips,it isn’t as opaque as Heaux but opaque enough and is buildable. It feels moisturising and is a nice ‘matte’ so to speak.

For less than $15 it’s not a bad dupe. Probably wear a red lip liner underneath to get a closer match but other than that, I don’t think you need both unless you have superhuman vision and can detect even the minutest of differences.

In this instance I prefer Heaux because it smells nicer and has a matte finish, which I prefer when wearing bold lips and want longevity. However because it is limited edition, I’ll probably go back to 107 once I run out. 

Hopefully this was useful to you guys!

Did anyone pick up Heaux or anything else from the RiRi Hearts MAC Summer collection? Which ones? What are your thoughts on them?

Let me know in the comments!





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  1. Thanks for the compare! I love Heaux, and wanted to find a dupe since it’s limited edition!

  2. Heaux looks beautiful on you 🙂 Did you get anything else from the RiRi collection?

    • Thank you!

      Unfortunately I didn’t pick up anything else from the collection however, I will probably pick up a few things from the future Riri collection.

      Did you get anything from this collection?

      • I had purchased RiRi Woo when I saw that was the only lipstick they had in stock for the US site, but then I found out today that all the lipsticks were back in stock, I had also purchased Heaux (especially after seeing how pretty it looked on you! because I have skin that is sort of close to your color). My RiRi Woo has been shipped but waiting for it to come in the mail 🙂

      • Riri Woo is very pretty! I wear it at least once a week because I’m a sucker for red lips 🙂

        I hope you like Heaux and Riri Woo, they’re gorgeous shades!

  3. You have RiRi Woo too? 🙂 Would love to see your look with it, unless you already have one up?? Then I would have to go look that up haha

  4. Nice! I’m going to look for your review on RiRi Woo 🙂 By the way, nice to meet you!

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