Meme Mondays: #9

Hello citizens of Earth!

Monday is here again *sighs* which means it’s time for the ninth installment in the Meme Monday’s series *claps*

mac probsToday’s problem is a direct a result of MAC’s frequent collection releases.

When I buy something that is limited edition, and subsequently fall in love, I immediately become heartbroken that I know I will probably never see it again, unless they re-promote it which may be far away into the distant future.

Also, how hard has it been resisting temptation to buy products when the collections have been pretty awesome? Last year I don’t think I bought any limited edition stuff from MAC but this year I’ve purchased a lot.

On another note, MAC roll out their launches quite often that sometimes products don’t live up to expectations. Also, due to the frequency of collections, it becomes less exciting when something new comes out, know what I mean? There isn’t an air of mystery anymore. It’s just BAM BAM BAM collections left, right and centre.

Oh, first world problems, how petty you are.

Hope your week goes smoothly!

What do you think of MAC’s launches? Like them or loathe them? Have you picked up any limited edition stuff from MAC?

Let me know in the comments!



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