Bourjois Blush – 15 Rose Éclat Review.

bourjois blush review

Hi everyone!

Hopefully you all had a nice weekend. It’s been raining here in Sydney, and with the increasingly colder days & nights, they have commanded me to stay in bed all day and do nothing.

Every time winter rolls around I always think to myself ‘how did I survive last winter?’ *cue game of thrones reference/joke* and continue to layer myself in layers of clothes to try and retain body heat. However it fails. I’m still cold. I should probably roll out my little heater and use it to warm up my room.

I’ll probably be too lazy to haul ass and do it.

Moving on from my slight whine, I bought the Bourjois blush in 15 Rose Éclat when Priceline had their massive sale who knows how long ago and decided that it was time for a review. Yay!

These babies are available at Priceline and Target primarily and retail for $20 in exchange for 2.5 grams of product. You can usually find these on sale so I wouldn’t buy it full price because you can count on a sale to reduce the price.

These baked beauties come with a (very small) mirror inside and a brush which I tossed somewhere, it was a bit small and not fluffy enough for me however it was surprisingly soft.


The colour I bought, 15 Rose Éclat is a dark pink with a slight terracotta undertone with very fine shimmer which disappears after you apply it to your cheeks, or where ever you like putting your blush, to give a matte finish. I won’t judge if you like to put it in your brows!

It has a scent that you may or may not like, it’s a cross between a floral smell and baby powder. If I smell it for a prolonged period it does get irritating and can cause a headache. But, I am prone to headaches and migraines so don’t mind me, I’m just being my usual sensitive self.

trio swatch

You can see from the swatches that under different lights it emphasises different tones. The first two are pinker under direct flash while the last swatch, which is closer to how it appears on my cheeks, has a slight maroon tone.

Due to the colour you have to conceal any redness on your face because it will bring them out and make them look redder than they truly are.

I’m actually quite disappointed with this blush. It’s very smooth and super pigmented but after a while the top later hardens making it impossible to get any colour from the blush. You have to violently scratch off the hard layer to get access to the product underneath which is very, very, very annoying. I don’t want to have to spend a good two minutes gnawing at it with my nails or other utensils just to be able to use it. Does anyone know why this happens?

Anyway, after I swatched this I thought I had something similar in my collection which is MAC’s Desert Rose; also matte and retails for AUD$41 for 6 grams of product. It kind of works out cheaper than the Bourjois one, price per gram if you don’t get the Bourjois one on sale.



The texture of the MAC Blush is smooth but slightly chalky to the touch while Rose Éclat is smoother, when it doesn’t have the hardened layer. When you apply it with a brush, the textural differences aren’t noticeable. With a brush Desert Rose is very pigmented and requires a light hand or risk looking like a clown. Rose Éclat on the other hand applies sheerly and on my tan skin and you need to build it up to achieve your desired opacity.

The wear time of these are similar. Both last up to 6 hours on my oily skin which after then, it begins to fade slowly although not completely.

DSC_0405 copy

The swatches show that Desert Rose is pinker and a bit lighter than Rose Éclat, which it is, but, once it’s on my cheeks, I can’t see a difference. Both show up as a dark pink with a slight brown undertone which emphasises redness and the residual acne scars I have.

If I knew how similar these two were I probably wouldn’t have bought the Bourjois one to save me testing my patience when I have to scrape off the top layer. I’ve had the MAC one for more than two years and haven’t even made a dent. I fear that the Bourjois one might remain unloved because it is a difficult child to deal with!

Have you guys used any of these blushes? What are your thoughts on the Bourjois Blush?

Let me know in the comments!



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  1. Hi!

    I have the same blush and the top coat hardens, the smell is annoying… thanks for your review. I think I won’t use this blush again.


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